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Why Should You Choose Plastic for Your Next Construction Project?

Plastic materials are now in widespread use in the construction industry. Why are they selected and what applications are commonplace? All-Round Properties Plastic parts are often selected due to their low relative cost. Additionally, they can be far more durable than a lot of metal alternatives. Plastic has been proven to be stronger in many […]

With Several Types of Scissor Lifts, How Do You Find the Most Ideal?

For building, construction, or home renovation projects, scissor lifts often come in handy especially when aerial lifting of materials is needed. However, different types of scissor lifts come with unique features that make them better suited for different applications. Therefore, you must consider some aspects before renting one. If it’s your first time hiring a […]

Induction Bends or Elbows: Five Signs Induction Bending Is the Right Option for You

If you have a pipe you need to bend, you can use an elbow piece to connect two straight pieces at an angle, or you can have an induction bender bend the straight piece of pipework for you. Wondering if induction is the right option? Here are five signs it is: 1. You need an […]

DIY Plumbing Guides: Drilling Through Concrete

Installing plumbing pipework through a concrete wall is an average DIY activity for the hands-on kind of homeowner. Drilling holes through the wall is a pre-requisite for this activity and it’s the first thing you’ll need to do. Discussed in this article are a few things that you should have in mind as you prepare […]

Tubular Steel Corrosion Concerns: Causes, Types, and Prevention Measures

Stainless steel is used in most applications where high levels of sanitation and cleanliness are paramount. As such, tubular steel is highly used in the manufacture of food service equipment, hospital equipment, and in kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It is also used widely in manufacturing, engineering, and construction industries. However, corroded stainless steel cannot perform […]