Framing is rapidly evolving, with conventional roofing solutions like rafters and ceiling joists getting replaced with modern timber trusses. Timber trusses have become the primary means for most roofing projects. Opting for roof trusses is worthwhile because of their efficiency, cost-effectiveness and speed.

Many builders and roofing contractors will agree that engineered roof trusses are the best because of many of the following reasons. 

Flexibility and Versatility  

Timber roof trusses are highly versatile and compatible with most structural construction products on the market. You can link them to other trusses, or amalgamate them with other components, including steel beams and glulam. They support long spans without intermediate supports to create large open spaces. Moreover, you can move partitions without compromising the structural integrity of your building. 


Generally, timber absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. It stores the carbon safely, helping minimise your overall carbon footprint. When compared to other building materials, timber consumes less energy to manufacture, minimising water and air pollution. Additionally, timber wood is the only renewable building material, that helps define sustainable development in the construction industry.

Durability and Strength

Timber trusses remove most of the on-site framing issues. Proper fabrication and quality control ensure that timber trusses are in excellent shape and size to offer the necessary structural integrity for any building. Furthermore, timber trusses can be ideal in concrete formwork, scaffolding or falsework in industrial projects.

Aesthetical Appeal and Freedom

Compared to most roofing materials, timber trusses offer unlimited variety. They give you an excellent leeway to experiment with the different aesthetic features of your construction project. Most commercial buildings choose to showcase their corporate identity in the roofing design of their buildings. You can also do the same with your residential property using timber trusses to achieve a truly beautiful and aesthetically appealing home. 


In many instances, you can install timber roof trusses without relying on specialised machinery or equipment. Since they are lightweight, you can install them quickly, lifting them in place with little effort. Furthermore, the time required to manufacture timber frames and trusses is significantly reduced. For this reason, you'll be able to beat project timelines and complete your roofing project on time. 

Additionally, timber trusses generate less waste on your construction site. Consequently, they allow for easier clean-up and minimise overall construction costs significantly. Besides, pilferage is considerably reduced because timber trusses can't be used in different projects. you will end up saving more money if you choose to use timber trusses for your upcoming construction project.