If you want to install customised banner poles and flags outside your business, then you have to choose the right material for your flags. While regular vinyl materials work well as banners, you should also look at mesh fabrics. Mesh has some useful advantages on banner pole setups. What are they?

Create a Strong and Long-Lasting Message

Customised flags on banner poles are a useful marketing and promotional tool. They can tell people where you are and what you do. You can also use them to push special offers, discounts and new products.

It's important that your flags look good in the long term. If a flag fades, frays or tears, then it reflects badly on your business. Shabby flags don't look good, and they don't make you look good. You might have to replace your flags more frequently if they lose their original sharp good looks.

Mesh flags are robust. They are lightweight but made from strong materials. So, they shouldn't fray or tear under normal environmental conditions. The holes in the mesh also help your flags deal with bad weather conditions.

For example, if you use a solid vinyl material on your flags, then the vinyl is more likely to get damaged in high winds. Heavy winds might batter against the flag with some force. Over time, or in a particularly bad storm, a strong enough wind might even break the material off its fixings or tear it.

Mesh flag materials manage high winds more effectively. The wind can pass through the tiny holes in the mesh. This relieves wind stress and damage.

Plus, mesh flags also hold colours well for longer periods. If you use UV-resistant outdoor inks, then the colours and images on your flags should stay sharp. Your flags will look professional for longer.

Create Better Visibility

If you put banner flags outside your building, then you have to think about how the material affects visibility. Solid vinyl flags can block the view of your building. If you run a store, then they could prevent passers-by from seeing in your shop windows. Solid materials can also make the inside of buildings dark if light can't pass through them.

Mesh flags give you better visibility. Light passes through the mesh, so people can see through the material. They also won't block out too much light.

To find out more about mesh flag materials, contact customised banner pole suppliers.