You might have noticed other facilities have water tanks set up outside, and you might have wondered if you need to purchase water tanks for your own business. However, you might not actually know very much about industrial water tanks at all. These are some of the things that you may not know, but that you will probably want to know about, particularly if you're interested in buying and using water tanks at some point.

They Can Be Stored Underground or Above-Ground

Most of the water tanks that you have seen were probably kept above ground. This can be more convenient since the water tanks can be moved in and out when necessary. Plus, it isn't necessary to dig holes in the ground, and there is no concern about damaging utility lines while digging and burying the tanks. It can also be easier to inspect water tanks that are stored above ground, and resolving minor issues should be much simpler as well.

However, water tanks are sometimes stored underground. This has its perks, too, since you don't have to worry about the water tanks being damaged easily, and because the water tanks don't take up valuable space on the property. Installation is more complicated and more expensive, however, and this is usually only a good option if you know that you'll be using the same water tanks for a long time, without the need to move them.

They're Used for More Than Just Storing Water

Because of the name, you probably already know that water tanks can be used for storing clean water. However, certain types of "water" tanks are actually used for storing chemicals or gases. Of course, there are some restrictions about storing these products, so you'll need to find out more about them before you use water tanks for this purpose. For example, you might be required to put up certain signage if you store hazardous liquids in water tanks.

They Come in Many Sizes, Shapes and Materials

Many industrial water tanks are very large in size, but there are also smaller tanks available. Therefore, it should not really be a problem to find a water storage tank that is already made and that will work well for your needs. If you do have special needs when purchasing water tanks, however, you'll probably be happy to know that there are companies that will make custom metal water tanks and other custom water tanks, based on the sizing and design that you give them.