Manual product labelling by hand can be helpful for small business start-ups. However, manual labelling can turn out to be inefficient as business demands grow. As a result, automating product labelling can be a viable solution to handle the growing needs. An excellent way to automate your business is by investing in automatic labelling machines. There are many benefits of taking this route, including these four:

Maximizes Productivity

Manual labelling takes more time because of the repetitive tasks involved. However, investing in automatic labelling machines can save your business a lot of time. There is much more enhanced consistency, which, in turn, means maximized time savings and productivity. Furthermore, combining these two benefits with minimized labour costs equals increased profits. While you might think that automatic labelling is only reserved for industry heavyweights, startup enterprises can also reap huge benefits from it. With increased efficiency, more and more small businesses are achieving increased productivity.


Whichever labelling equipment you intend to purchase, initial investment costs can be huge. However, if you still rely on manual labelling, it's now becoming apparent that automatic label machines pay for themselves numerous times over. They minimize labour costs and work quickly, continuously, and without regular maintenance. Since you wouldn't require many operators to handle the automatic machines, you can train your other employees to handle other pertinent processes. That means that automatic label machines are ideal if you're aiming at overall cost reduction.

Reduces Waste

Indeed, it can be pretty frustrating if many labels printed fail to pass a required QC. You must once again spend more time returning them to the labelling firm for correct re-labelling. Furthermore, defective or reject labels can only mean reduced customer satisfaction. Conversely, automatic label machines are reliable and provide excellent readability for the labels applied. Additionally, you can choose to print them on-demand, which means using the most up-to-date information on your labels at the right time and the correct products.

Helps Comply With Statutory Regulations and Offers Great Flexibility

Finally, automatic labelling guarantees quality and helps your business comply with regulations. Sometimes, these regulations might change, and that is where reliable automation proves to be highly flexible to adapt to abrupt changes. Furthermore, automatic label machines remove the need for extra supervision and monitoring during change periods. On the contrary, manual changes require more staff training, management, and testing to achieve perfection. That means more time and resources gets wasted when completing the task.