When you build a tiny home, or take on converting a caravan to a long-term living situation, you will look for ways to cut costs. One of the ways to do this is to utilise industrial overstock and supply for your building needs. If you plan on using an industrial-based stainless manufacturing resource for your building supplies, there are a few things you should consider first:

Sizing Options

One of the key things to know about using an industrial stainless manufacturing company for your tiny home building supply deals with sizing issues. Keep in mind that most stainless manufacturers will offer stainless steel sheets as an overstock option to the public. These are sheets that an industry may have requested but did not use, pick up or need. The sheets are ideal for shower stalls, benchtops, and even for roofing options. You just need to know that the size may be very large, and you will need to cut them to fit your needs.

Prefabricated Options

You might find that that some stainless manufacturing companies will have prefabricated models. These models may be sinks, shower stalls, water tanks, and even shingles or shutters. If this is the case, you may be able to get these items for well below cost. The prefabricated options will save your time with construction as well as help with your budgeting needs. In some cases, the manufacturing services may offer prefabricated models that were used as demo pieces for free or for a very low removal cost.

Custom Request Options

When you decide to use an industrial stainless manufacturing company for your tiny home building supply, custom requests are usually an option. This means if you need specific sizes and cuts, you can request those directly. You might think that custom options may be more expensive; the truth is, the custom options might come out to be just a slight bit above the price you were going to pay for other options. Since custom-built options usually just need to be put in place, you are also saving labour costs and time, which can help to balance out the costs.

These are just a few of the things you should know before you use an industrial stainless manufacturer as part of your budget supply options. If you think that this option may be ideal, begin contacting your local manufacturing facilities. They can tell you if there are any prefabricated options or overstock options available to you. They can also answer questions about specific orders you may want to place.