Need new PVC doors for your walk-in cooler? Then, you may want to consider pvc strip curtains. Here are five signs they are the right option for your situation.

1. People Enter and Exit the Walk-in Cooler All Day Long

Whether your walk-in cooler is in a restaurant, a warehouse, a shipping facility or any other type of commercial environment, your employees may use the cooler on a regular basis. If entering and exiting the cooler is an essential part of your business's daily workflow, PVC curtains will help speed up the process.

With curtains, no one has to worry about opening, closing or latching doors. They can just walk through the curtains, and the curtains will automatically close behind them.

2. Employees Take Large Loads Out of the Cooler

The size of the average load that comes out of the cooler is also something to consider. If employees just tend to go in for a single small item or items that they can fit easily in a basket hung over their arm, they have their hands free to open and close the door.

However, if employees typically grab heavy boxes or if they fill push carts full of items, PVC strip curtains are ideal. They also work in situations where you have forklifts going in and out of the cooler.

3. There Are Persistent Issues Where People Don't Close the Cooler Door

Are you constantly finding the cooler door partially open? Do your employees seem to never remember to firmly close the door? If these situations are happening, it may be time to trade in your existing solid door for a set of PVC strip curtains.

4. The Fridge Has an Odd-Sized Opening

If your fridge isn't standard size, you may not be able to easily find a door that fits into it. Luckily, you can easily customise PVC strips and curtains to just the size you need. In most cases, this is significantly more affordable than customising a solid cooler door.

5. You Want a Fast and Easy Installation

In some cases, putting in a solid cooler door can involve a lot of builders or installation professionals in your facility for a relatively long time. If you want the installation to be fast and easy so that it doesn't slow down your workflow, a PVC strip curtain may be the best option. You can often install them yourself.