For building, construction, or home renovation projects, scissor lifts often come in handy especially when aerial lifting of materials is needed. However, different types of scissor lifts come with unique features that make them better suited for different applications. Therefore, you must consider some aspects before renting one. If it's your first time hiring a scissor lift, you are likely to overlook some key factors that often lead towards finding the most suitable scissor lift. Doing this will definitely have an impact on the success of your project. For this reason, here are tips to help you get the perfect scissor lift for your work.

Consider Your Type of Application

Scissor lifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Electric scissor lifts and fuel-powered scissor lifts are the major types you will find. Electric scissor lifts are often more flexible and versatile because they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If your site has limited supply of electricity, you can consider going for electric scissor lifts that have electric batteries. The fact that you don't have to worry about fuel costs means electric scissor lifts are somewhat cost effective. Fuel-powered scissor lifts are equally effective. However, because of ventilation issues, they are not the best for indoor applications. When choosing scissor lifts for exclusive indoor work, make sure it has non-marking tyres to prevent damage to your flooring. For outdoor use, consider four-wheel drive scissor lifts.

Find Out the Load-Bearing Capacity

The lift you hire should accommodate the materials being carried as well as any workers working from it. Therefore, to prevent accidents, find out the load-bearing capacity of the scissor lift. A rule of the thumb when choosing a scissor lift based on this aspect is to always go for a higher load-bearing capacity than you think may be required.

Consider The Conditions at Your Site

The condition of the ground will also affect your choice of scissor lift. The type of scissor lift for a smooth ground may not be as effective on rough underfoot conditions. Therefore, if the ground is level and compacted, slab scissor lifts will work best. On the other hand, for damp, rough, and unfinished surfaces, choose a scissor lift that will be efficient in the rough terrain. Four-wheel drive lifts are usually the perfect option. For even greater efficiency, you may choose all-terrain lifts. These come in handy if you have both indoor and outdoor applications.