If you have a pipe you need to bend, you can use an elbow piece to connect two straight pieces at an angle, or you can have an induction bender bend the straight piece of pipework for you. Wondering if induction is the right option? Here are five signs it is:

1. You need an unusual bend.

Typically elbows bend at 45 or 90 degree angles. However, if you opt to use induction bending, you can get any angle from a hardly noticeable degree or two to a large obtuse angle. That gives you a lot of design flexibility.

2. You want to increase the radius of the bend.

If you already have a length of pipe that is bent, you may be able to increase the bend using induction bending. You will have to remove that section, give it to a professional bender and let them know what modifications you need. Then, they can bend the pipe and return it.

3. You want to protect your pump or other equipment.

With induction bending, the interior of the pipe stays much smoother around the bend. This makes it easier for fluids to flow through the pipework, and, if a pump is connected to the system, this type of bend reduces the pressure on the pump, alleviating some of its workload. That can help to reduce operational costs and repairs.

4. You want to cut down on welding.

If your normal approach to bending pipework is to use elbows, your employees have to do a lot of cutting and welding. That can get time consuming. Induction bending allows you to avoid those extra tasks. To illustrate, imagine you want to put two bends into a pipe. With elbows, you have to cut the pipe in two places to fit the elbows in. Then, you have to weld in four places to secure the turns in position. The more turns you need, the harder this process becomes. With induction bending, hot temperatures are used to make the original piece of metal pliable, and then, the metal is professionally bent.

5. You want thicker external pipe walls.

As the metal is shaped in induction bending, the outside walls of the pipework get thicker than normal. This creates an extra bit of strength around these junctures. That helps to expand the lifespan of your pipework, especially compared to elbows.

If you want to learn more about induction bending and whether or not it's the right option for you, contact an induction bending contractor like Inductabend Pty Ltd.