Stainless steel plates and mesh are usually readily available at any home improvement store, and thinner sheets of steel are often easy to cut with high-quality sheers so you can use the material easily around the house. Because steel is so durable and versatile and because it reflects light, it can brighten a space in any number of ways. Consider a few tips on how to add style and function to your home with stainless steel.


Using steel sheets for kitchen countertops can mean a clean area for food prep in the kitchen, as steel is a poor host to bacteria and germs. It may also resist burn marks as well as nicks and scratches. Steel gives your kitchen a commercial look and can also offset dark wood used for cabinets or flooring.

Room dividers

If you want a room divider that doesn't have a dark and heavy feeling that you might get with a wood screen, opt for stainless steel mesh. You can hang sections of mesh from the ceiling and it will allow light and air to easily pass through while creating a division between spaces. Because stainless steel mesh can also be very rigid, depending on the gauge of the steel, you might also have it framed and then put on a pedestal rather than hanging from the ceiling. This makes for a very attractive and modern room divider you can move anywhere.


Stainless steel is often used as flooring in commercial spaces because it's so durable, and having a pattern punched into the material can provide traction as well. Choose stainless steel for your entryway flooring so it can take the punishment of mud, snow, and other elements brought in from outside, without your carpeting or wood floors getting damaged. If someone in the home has balance issues or uses a wheelchair, patterned steel with that added traction might also help to keep them safe.

Shower walls and enclosures

Stainless steel is often used in hospitals, gyms, and other areas with shared showers because it is so easy to clean and doesn't hold germs and bacteria. You might opt for stainless steel shower walls and enclosures for your own home for the same reason. Because the material is somewhat easy to fabricate, your contractor might be able to put the steel panels right over your old shower wall materials, reducing the time and expense of having to remove those materials.