If you love your home's location but not the home itself, you might want to start making a list of all the renovation projects you would need to tackle to update it so that it's workable for you. While some homes might only need a few changes here and there to be comfortable, there may be times when it's good to simply have it demolished and start from scratch with a new home on the site. If you're not sure how to determine if this is the right choice for you, note a few considerations.

1. Time involved

If you were to renovate all areas of the home that needed work before it became comfortable, have you thought about the time involved for those projects? It can mean months if not literally years of having contractors underfoot, not being able to use your kitchen or certain bathrooms, being surrounded by torn up materials, and the like. Having a home demolished is usually a quick job, and having a new home built, especially if you work with a builder that offers a set number of models that need no personalizing, might be much less time than all those renovation projects.

2. Downsizing

One reason that your home might not work for you is that it's actually too big. You may have an older family home but the kids have moved out, or you bought the home because you love the neighborhood but not the house. A larger house can mean more money for utilities and general maintenance and repairs, all for space you don't need and never use. Having it demolished, especially if it's older, can mean being able to build a smaller, more compact home on the same site without having to figure out how to remove a second story, backroom you never use, and so on, without disturbing the home's frame and foundation.

3. Safety

If your home has mold, asbestos, radon, and other such dangerous elements, trying to clean out these things can be very tedious, time-consuming, and costly. You might also wonder if mold will continue to grow even after you have it cleaned up and if asbestos might be in areas your contractor overlooked. Even if your home is safe, you may still worry about these materials having been found and may not enjoy living in the home after such cleaning. Demolishing your home might be a good option if it simply means knowing that all such dangerous materials are gone and your new home will be safe for you, your family, and the neighborhood.