If you don't invest in effective protective measures in your building, you're going to incur high maintenance costs and your building is also subject to fast depreciation. Below are some key and effective protective features you should consider to have installed in your business complex.

Concrete Protective Coating

Concrete is long-lasting and tends to withstand most sources of wear and tear, such as chemical damage, moisture and high traffic. However, if you leave your concrete exposed to external factors the rate of damage and depreciation will be high, and the surface will also lose its aesthetic appeal early because of factors, such as abrasion and discoloration in case of chemical exposure to the concrete.

Use a concrete sealant on your concrete surfaces, especially concrete floors because they are subject to greater damage than concrete walls and worktops. Concrete sealers are of different types, durability and prices. Consult a reliable concrete sealer provider on the best type of sealant for you depending on your tastes, preferences and budget.

Door and Window Sealing System

A door and window sealing system comes in handy in ensuring that your windows and doors don't allow air leaks. One way of identifying if your door or window has a point of air leakage is observing whether there is an accumulation of dust around the door or window panel. Air leaks lead to concentration of dust around leakage areas.

If you notice any leaks invest in a good window or door sealant that will block the leakages. However, you should consider having a sealing system installed for your windows and door in advance before any leak points develop. Air leaks tamper with air conditioning and reduce a building's energy efficiency.

Wood Surface Waterproofing

Cracking, cupping and bulking are among the top damages of water on wood. Over time, wooden surfaces absorb water and moisture, and if the process is unregulated, your wooden surfaces may incur permanent damages. Otherwise, you stand to incur high expenses in having the damaged wooden surfaces repaired.

Avoid wood damages by having a waterproofing sealant applied on your wooden surfaces. The sealant makes the wood water-resistant. Wood sealants vary and it's advisable you inquire from a professional what will work best in your business complex, especially if you plan on doing it yourself or having your handyman apply the sealant for you.

Investing in protective features and fixtures in your building will prolong the durability of the building. Protective systems for your building can be installed during construction or as part of renovation. Consult a professional and take necessary precautions to protect your building from unnecessary damage and fast deterioration.