Water pumps are of vital importance for all bore holes, as this is the mechanism that ensures that your supply of groundwater reaches you on the surface. Most bore pumps are submersible, meaning they are tricky to reach if something in them were to malfunction. If the malfunction consists of the bore pump being stuck deep down in the bore hole, this is making things even more complicated. If you have a bore pump that has gotten stuck in your bore hole, there are a few things you can do to fix the situation.

Remove clay

One of the most common reasons for a bore pump to get stuck inside the bore well is that it has gotten stuck in the clay in the bottom of the well. To fix this, you need to remove the clay from the top of the pump. You can do this by lowering an air pressure hose down to the bottom of the well and attempt to remove the clay by blowing it off. If the pump is buried deep, and you have the necessary equipment, you can also use a compressor pump with two hoses where one of them sucks the clay up and the other blows it off. This is, however, not advisable if the water levels in your bore well are very low, as you'll suck clean water out along with the clay which can cause your well to go dry.

Well crane

You could also hire a well crane to hoist the pump up by a rope. This is a complicated process and might require assistance by a professional in order to get the chain to stick to the pump and not to the pipes or surrounding structures. You also need to be very careful while operating equipment like this as it's easy to break the connecting pump pipes even if you do get the chain to stick to the pump. This is therefore a solution best suited for you if you have experience in working with bore wells.

New pump

If you can't get your pump out in any possible way, then you might need to cut it off. Cut the pipes and reinstall a new pump in your bore. Make sure to install the new pump far above the bottom to prevent it from getting covered in clay. This will help you get the old pump out after a while, as you won't have to care about damaging the connecting pipes and as the new pump will lower the water level, making it easier to spot the old pump from above.