A chain mesh fence is a simple and economical fencing option that is popular on residential properties and commercial properties as well. It's lightweight and easy to install, and can provide privacy as well as security. While a chain mesh fence may seem relatively simple, there are probably more varieties to this type of fencing than you realize. Note a few quick tips for choosing the best chain mesh fence for your property so you're sure to be happy with your choice for years to come.

1. Coating 

The coating of a fence may not seem important to you, but note that chain mesh fences are usually either zinc coated or coated with a type of plastic or PVC. With zinc coating, there is a process called galvanized after weaving, or GAW. This process dips the fence into a zinc plating bath after it's been woven; it may leave areas uncoated and you may see small nubs and drops from the zinc bath. This might be more affordable but a less attractive option than galvanized before weaving, or GBW. As the name implies, the wire is galvanized or coated and then woven into the fence material. This is often smoother and has fewer imperfections, although it may be a more costly option.

PVC or plastic coating also gives the fence a smoother appearance, and may add some shine and color to the wire mesh as the plastic can be made of virtually any color. The surface of the fence may also be more comfortable to the touch, so if you have pets who often dig around the fence and you're worried about them getting scratched, PVC coating can be the best option.

2. Mesh size

A larger loop or mesh might be good for homes with pets so they don't get a nose or paw stuck in the mesh. However, note that a larger mesh, while often being more affordable than smaller mesh fences, also provides a better toe hold for potential trespassers who want to climb the fence, and a smaller mesh means more privacy as it's more difficult to see through that small mesh. It's also more difficult to cut the wires of a small mesh since there are more wires to be cut if a person were trying to get through the fence. For more security, choose a smaller mesh for all these reasons, but for everyday residential fencing that works to just establish boundaries, you might opt for a more affordable larger mesh choice.