Portable generators are vital pieces of equipment in many different projects from construction to camping. If you are performing remodelling work on your house, a generator is essential to keep all your tools running even if you have to cut the power to the house itself. A tool this important needs to be taken care of properly in order to function like it's supposed to. In order to maintain your portable generator in an effective and safe manner, there are a few things you need to think about.

Letting it run out of gas

One of the most important things to remember when maintaining your portable generator is to never let it run out of gas while you're using it. Many generators keep working even if they run out of fuel, except it doesn't generate any electricity, which leads to overheating and malfunction. To prevent this, you should always make sure your generator's fuel tank is full when you start using it, and to top it up regularly during the entire time it's turned on. Have back up fuel for when you need to refill it even if you think in the beginning that it'll suffice on just one tank. Make sure you turn it off and let it rest for a bit before refilling it to prevent overheating.

Draining it

Another very important thing when it comes to portable generator maintenance is that you empty the generator of fuel when you've finished using it. Old gasoline can cause build up and cause severe problems with your portable generator down the road. If your generator has a drain, like some models, you only have to empty the fuel and the oil after you've finished. Other models might need that you empty it by hand with a hand suction pump. Make sure the engine is turned off and has cooled down before attempting emptying the generator in any way.

Letting it run

Another good thing to do to keep your generator in peak condition is to turn it on occasionally even when you're not using it. Feed it only with a little bit of fuel just to run it for a couple of minutes every other month in order to keep all parts moving and lubricated. This might seem like a hassle if you only use your generator sporadically, but it will save you a lot of money on repairs, as the parts are kept in working condition at all times. Remember to clean it out and store it in a cool place after you've let it run for a bit. 

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