A lift gate is a must-have for most truckers, as loading and unloading with ramps can increase your chance of spilling cargo and also means more physical labor to get items in and out of the truck. When you are ready to choose a lift gate for your truck, whether it's a light duty pickup or cargo van you use for your small business or a heavy-duty truck used for pallets and heavier objects, note a few features to remember so you make the right choice.

1. Flooring

A metal lift gate will usually have a diamond pattern for added traction, but you might consider a special type of paint that goes over the metal for even less risk of slippage. Some paints will have a small aggregate or additive that makes them rougher and, in turn, your lift gate surface will be rougher and provide more traction.

For maximum traction and especially if you work in areas with snow and ice, opt for a rubber flooring for the lift gate. This can ensure less chance of workers slipping on the gate and less risk of a hand truck rolling off the gate.

2. Box gates

A box gate has sides all around, rather than a standard safety rail. A box gate can provide added protection for larger, more cumbersome items that may tend to tilt or tip when being lifted and loaded and which might overwhelm a standard rail. They can also provide more safety for your workers as this reduces the chance that they will fall off the gate when it's in use.

3. Side ramps

A gate will have a ramp down the back for easier loading and unloading onto the gate, but side ramps can also be very convenient. These are hinged ramps that open to either side of the gate. If you frequently pick up and deliver in cramped areas or to and from businesses that don't have an actual loading dock, these side ramps can allow you to load from any direction rather than just from the back of the truck. 

4. Two-stage gates

For tipper trucks, you might opt for a two-stage lift gate. This has pins at the bottom that can be removed so that the gate opens at the bottom while still folded up. This allows the truck to be tipped or emptied without having to move the gate, and the gate itself can help to control the flow of materials as they're tipped from the truck.

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