What would a visit to a public beauty spot be without a bench to relax on and enjoy the view? We all like a bench to sit on while the children are playing are playing in the local park, and a litter bin for discarded sweet wrappers is also a vital part of any park. Street furniture makes all our lives easier and more enjoyable, but how do you decide where to place a seating bench, and what that bench should look like? If you have been tasked with choosing street furniture for any public space it is important to think about the options you have available and to choose park benches that harmonize well with their environment.

What makes a good park bench?

Park benches are available in many shapes and sizes. When considering which design to choose one of the most important considerations is ensuring that the bench will be an asset to their surroundings. Park furniture is often designed to be more decorative than a bench found in a home would be. Adding a little extra flourish to the metalwork, or including a design in the concrete supports of the bench may not add much to the cost, but it could introduce a feature which is part of community life for decades. You will also need to think about the materials that will be used in the bench construction and whether they will be suitable for their environment.

A good street furniture supplier will build their park benches with special attention paid to their durability and strength. A bench has to be able to withstand long-term use by large number of people. It will be expected to be in service for many years with only a minimum of maintenance. This solid construction will also help to avoid the possibility of theft. Park furniture is usually designed to be either fixed into place, or to be difficult to move to reduce the likelihood of park benches vanishing overnight.

What materials should I choose?

Park benches are often manufactured from high quality wooden materials, other popular choices include metal, and stone. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and the final choice of material will depend on your local circumstances.

Wood is probably the most popular choice but it often requires more maintenance than other materials. Periodic treatments with either paint, or a wood preservative are needed to keep the benches looking their best. Wooden benches can also be more prone to damage than other materials, especially during harsh weather conditions. Park furniture built from concrete, metal, and natural stone offer a more solid alternative. These benches are almost indestructible and can be left in parks in the most extreme weather conditions. the extra weight also means they are not so easy to steal.

If you are really keen on bringing the sophistication of wooden benches to your local park or beauty spot, then why note choose teak for the construction of your street furniture? Teak benches offer the beauty of wooden street furniture but because teak is naturally resistant to outdoor elements the benches do not require as many special maintenance procedures to help them withstand the rigors of outdoor life.