If you operate a small business that involves packaging of products for storage and transportation, wrapping is something you will want to consider carefully. In the case where products are to be secured in a pallet for easy transportation, pallet wrapping will do the trick for you. Hand wrapping is one of the common ways used for pallet wrapping, especially for most small businesses. If you have been using this method for your pallet wrapping applications, you may want to consider switching to using stretch wrappers because of the following reasons.

Stretch Wrappers Allow For Consistency

Operators using hand wrap stretch films to wrap the pallets may not create a uniform pattern of wrapping for the loads. Besides, since different operators may work on a particular type of product, the wrapping may not be consistent as well. For this reason, when you use stretch wrappers, you won't have to worry about any inconsistencies.

This level of consistency is good for your business because it allows for professional packaging by eliminating any possibilities of an uneven look. Professionalism has a great impact on customer satisfaction.

Stretch Wrappers Can Help You Save on Wrapping Roll/Film Costs

You will want to ensure the products get to your customers while still intact but do it at the least cost possible. One of the ways you can spend on pallet wrapping is the amount of rolls or films used. When products are wrapped by hand, you are likely to incur more hidden costs resulting from damaged wrap rolls or stretch films that have been thrown away.

Stretch wrapping machines will allow for wrapping of a load with the least amount of wrap rolls or stretch films required. This will eliminate any unnecessary revolutions of the wrap rolls or stretch films that operators relying on hand wrapping may add to the load.

Stretch Wrappers Can Enhance the Load Integrity of the Products

While your operators may be good at hand wrapping, their efficiency may be affected by things such as lack of motivation, fatigue, and ignorance. Such things may not keep the products unitised while in shipment. This can, in turn, lead to problems such as damages to the products because of poor wrapping and constant complaints from the customers. Therefore, replacing the hand wraps with stretch wrappers will help eliminate such issues.

Keeping in mind these three major advantages can help you improve on your pallet wrapping applications and enable you to save on costs of operating these stretch wrappers, which is best for business. For more information, contact a local supplier of pallet wrapping machines.